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Jahadin Parand Industrial Company started its activity in the year 2000 by producing auto parts.

After some years of experiences in the production of industrial products, this company initiated to develop its product to toys, entertainment and educational games for children, under the name of “NOWBAVEH” in the market.

“NOWBAVEH” products are made according to standard ISO 9001:2015 with high quality, safe and anti-allergenic raw materials that are designed and manufactured by modeling from world-class brands and using effective feedback from child consultants and specialists. While providing happy, fun and exciting moments, “NOWBAVEH” brings physical, movement, control & educational skills to the well-being of children.


Contact us:

Factory: (+9821)46881832-46881001

Sale: (+98) 9126984932

Fax: (+9821)89785198

SMS: 50001787

Site: www.nowbaveh.com

Instagram : @nowbaveh.toys

Postal Code: 3354176486

Address: No.1, First Sanat Blvd., Esmaeil Abad Industrial City (Qods city), Tehran, Iran.  


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کارخانه: ۴۶۸۸۱۰۰۱ - ۴۶۸۸۱۸۳۲ (۰۲۱)

فکس: ۴۶۸۸۱۰۰۱ (۰۲۱) داخلی ۵

فروش: ۰۹۱۲۶۹۸۴۹۳۲

پیامک: ۵۰۰۰۱۷۸۷

کد پستی: ۳۳۵۴۱۷۶۴۸۶


تهران، شهرک صنعتی اسماعیل آباد( شهرقدس)، بلوار صنعت یکم، پلاک ۱